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The 2010 Newark Black Film Festival : Interview with Pat Faison




Newark Museum's own Pat Faison with Newark Mayor Cory Booker



 In honor of the 2010 Newark Black Film Festival, long-time employee Pat Faison has granted the Newark Museum Blog an insightful interview.  



Can you tell me your background with the Newark Museum?  

 I am a marketing associate of 39 years.  I deal with lenders, and the public regarding the image of the Museum.  

 What is your favorite moment with the Museum?  

There are so many! Oh gosh! The photographer Gordon Parks was very special, I met him a few years ago before he passed. Also, I was in awe to meet Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. It was inspiring, and I remember that absolutely nothing went wrong that day. The crowd was so mixed and the energy could be felt throughout the building.  

Why is the Newark Black Film Festival so important and what does it mean for the Museum and the city of Newark?     

It’s a community festival. People come to learn and have conversations about black film culture.  

 Which movie are you looking forward to seeing?  

 American Violet. It’s a story about a woman who was wrongly imprisoned in the South. It’s about overcoming prejudice and the story is very powerful.  

 The upcoming year is bringing some amazing exhibits and events which one are you most looking forward to?  

 Make Me Something Beautiful is one of my most favorite current exhibits. There are some phenomenal pieces and the artist really came through. Just an interesting, beautiful show.  

 What advice do you have for anyone trying to enter the Museum industry?  

 You have to love the culture. The museum industry is very unique. There is a lot of fund-raising, quirky people, and constantly rotating exhibitions. The industry is also very relaxed. There aren’t that many men in the museum industry so men should take a look at what the museum industry has to offer.  

For more information about the Newark Black Film Festival and other events and activities happening at the Newark Museum, visit  

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