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Jazz in the Garden

Museum Musings by Amanda

This past Thursday I was inspired at Jazz in the Garden. Really, I’m more into pop music and light rock. I love Maroon 5 and Gavin DeGraw; but, Ulysses Owens Jr. and the quartet of musicians on stage were actually quite delightful despite the temperature reaching nearly 100 degrees. In the shade of the garden at the Newark Museum, I felt very relaxed listening to ‘Yellow Bird’, a song which captivated the audience with its changing rhythm. Right before the piece, the drummer, Mr. Owens Jr., introduced the piece by telling the audience to imagine themselves on a paradise island. I did. I felt the cool ocean breeze and the condensation dripping down my hand; a hand that I imagined was holding a strawberry margarita (non-alcoholic, of course; and it was probably just sweat). The melody was light, relaxing and calming. I soon forgot the stresses of everyday—cooking for company for the weekend, cleaning the house in preparation, and my least favorite chore…laundry. But, the jazz was soothing and allowed me to eat my lunch in peace. Even as I write this, I am listening to the Jazz Pandora station I recently created, based on the trumpeter Tatum Greenblatt. I’m looking forward to making a Jazz mix CD for my car. My grandfather would be so proud.

A hot summer day in the NM Garden

People migrated to the shady area under the big tree for Jazz in the Garden on Thursday.

July 17th, the day preceding last week’s Jazz concert, marked the calendar as one month exactly since my start date as an intern at the Newark Museum. In just one month, I’ve grown more passionate about different types of art—the mediums on which they’re produced, the genre, the color palettes, the sound—and also realized that I want to work in an environment dedicated to cultivating others’ passions and curiosities. I really owe the museum big-time for the exposure it’s given me as my time here becomes noticeably shorter–without which I would be stressed, uninterested in expanding my musical horizons, and bored of the same 50 tracks that constantly play when I listen to my iPod. Z100, bite the dust; I’ve got a new station to listen to…88.3 Jazz FM.

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Jazz in the Garden: Carrie Jackson & Brandon McCune

Not even gloomy skies could turn away jazz enthusiast during the Newark Museum’s annual Jazz in the Garden. The crowd was serenaded by the sounds Newark native Carrie Jackson and Chicago born, Newark raised Brandon McCune. Both Jackson and McCune provided incredible performances exciting the crowd and invoking a sense of Newark pride.

For more information about Newark Museum’s Jazz in the Garden Series visit

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Newark Museum’s Engelhard Court Goes WIFI

Have you stopped and taken a look at people around you lately? There’s usually a cell phone in hand, or somebody is texting away.  In today’s day and age staying connected  is the norm, whether it is keeping in contact with friends on facebook , or passing information on with the 140-character tweeting phenomena, or plainly surfing the Web.

This past week, the Newark Museum unveiled its new-and FREE-WIFI connection in the Engelhard Court, and the IT department is busy hooking up the connection in the Dreyfuss Memorial Garden. 

Jazz in the Garden runs every Thursday from July 1-29, 12:15 to 1:45 pm.

Just imagine taking a lunch break and listening to Jazz in the Garden, while emailing a friend about the concert? (Check out the dates and performers for this year’s 2010 Jazz in the Garden.) 

Having a wireless connection is beneficial for both visitors and staff.  A unique place to have a business lunch meeting could be in the Engelhard Court.    For college students, grab a cup of coffee and study in either the garden or court.   Having another place to study or work could spur on creativity. With its affordable cafe prices and inspiring works of art, the Museum setting beats any dorm  or conference room any day.

The Museum is open Wednesday through Friday, noon to 5 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 5pm.  The cafe is open from 12 pm to 3 pm.  So, what to do on Monday and Tuesday? Hm, just schedule the meeting for Wednesday, and definitely take advantage of a library.  Founder John Cotton Dana would also appreciate that.  See you in Engelhard Court with laptops in hand!

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