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Back to School at the Newark Museum

Ted Lind is the Deputy Director for Education at the Newark Museum.

September always means the cooler weather is coming and that children will once again be returning to school.  The new school year is now upon us and you are probably well into all the necessary details – either as an educator or a parent.  I have been talking to school teachers and administrators all summer – developing new projects and curriculum-based experiences.

You can access information about the Newark Museum’s services for students and teachers on our web site (link), and in early September thousands of printed catalogues will be distributed to teachers throughout the greater Newark area.   

I love seeing young people encounter ‘real things’ at the Museum.  The learning that occurs when the students are engaged with the art and science collections is remarkable.  Recent studies clearly indicate the value of the inquiry/discussion methods we use with children – strengthening skills of critical thinking, language arts and literacy, creativity, and the essential abilities needed in the 21st century.  

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   Check out these special offerings: 

Here are some comments I recently received from teachers about the value of using the Museum’s resources:

“The Museum brings alive the notion that learning is not a fragmentary endeavor but rather a web between different ways of knowing.”

“Students are excited by the new discoveries they make when they see the ‘real thing’.”

“The Museum experience leads to learning because it is simply not good enough for young children to learn from books.”

Our primary mission is to support your educational goals by inspiring young people to be excited about their learning.  I recommend that you take some time to review the Newark Museum’s services to schools and teachers.  Your children will thank you for it.    

And, please tell us you favorite stories about young people’s ‘museum encounters’.   For more information about the Newark Museum, visit us at

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