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Camp Newark Captures Photography and Recycling

As the summer continues, the children in the Camp Newark Museum have been busy exploring more galleries throughout the Museum.

Over the last two weeks, the campers created another performance for their parents that relate to the different themes they’ve been experiencing. After watching the last show, I was particularly excited t047o see what all of the campers have been working on. This week’s show incorporated the next two themes of camp: Oh Snap and Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse I’m a maker. The campers’ routine was inspired by two exhibits they recently visited: Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars and Picturing America. The show focused on a painting in the Museum’s collection by Joseph Stella, Voice of the City of New York Interpreted. The performance embraced different aspects of multimedia that are involved in these galleries, such as videography and photography.

As the audience patiently waited for the show to begin, the campers were eager to take the stage again. All of the campers had various props, such as cameras, pom poms and a replica of an NJ Transit bus, which they created from recycled material. The performance, The Bus Boogies, told a narrated story about friendship, preschoolers and a bus. The campers energetically began the show by participating in different dances like the Hokey Pokey and the Waltz while the audience cheered along.


The performance ended with a broadcast video produced by the teen campers and a slideshow of the activities during the third and fourth week of camp. The campers put on an incredible, humorous show that the audience thoroughly enjoyed.  In another two weeks the campers will create their final performance for the summer combining the last two themes of camp: What’s Trending and From Pearls to Platinum to Plastic Jewelry.

Kortney Brand, PR and Marketing Intern

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Camp Newark Museum Embraces Modern Movement

For the Newark Museum, summer time is filled with energetic children ready to tackle Camp Newark Museum.

Throughout the weeks campers experience themes relating to the galleries in the Museum and then create a performance for their p067arents. This week’s show incorporated the first two themes of camp: All Fired Up and Modern Movement.  Specifically, the performance was inspired by the Asian, African and Native American galleries. Instead of using traditional dances from these cultures, the routine included modern moves.

All of the campers were dressed in various costumes, such as feather headbands and face paint, that they decorated themselves. As the lights dimmed, the upbeat performance began with an informative, introduction video followed by the children dancing to a range of music while the audience enthusiastically clapped along.



At the end of the performance, both the 9 to 10 year olds and teen campers showed a video they produced along with a slideshow relating to the first two weeks of camp. The campers put on an outstanding, entertaining show that they vigorously worked on. In two more weeks the campers will create another performance that combines the next two themes of camp: Reclaim, Recycle, Reuse I’m a maker and Oh Snap.

– Kortney Brand, PR and Marketing Intern


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