She Blinded Me With Science!

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Museum Musings by Amanda


emPowered is fun and engaging for visitors of all ages!

The role of a teacher is vital to any child’s learning. They help kids focus their critical reading skills with questions like: Who? What? Where? Why? How? The Dynamic Earth and emPowered exhibits answer all of these questions with ease and comfort while enhancing the learning experience with fun technology.  From the Natural Selection finch racing game to the wild tornado simulator, visitors can engage with technology that is designed to help them focus on the educational aspects of the exhibit while having fun. There is a sound satellite that kids can rotate to find the sound of the animals, and there are sustainable energy wheels and throttles that engage visitors of all ages. By engaging the visitor with cool technology, this exhibit becomes a great hands-on learning tool for teachers, parents and kids. After visiting this exhibit and using with the interactives, kids will probably be more interested in finishing their science homework! All of a sudden, Darwin’s theory doesn’t seem so hypothetical and antiquated; by giving a taste of the real life implications and allowing kids to have a go at it, their interest is heightened and the subjects that once were lackluster come to life through the creative space and engaging stations.


A part of the Dynamic Earth exhibit. Notice the interactive sound satellite finder in the back!

Walking through the exhibits, I found myself remembering the science textbooks of my earlier school years. The covers of these textbooks were always eye-catching with colorful illustrations like rainforest frogs, bolts of lightening or the solar system. While these books were always entertaining the class with vivid illustrations and photographs between the lengthy paragraphs of dry information, these science textbooks were also always thick and heavy. The exhibits Dynamic Earth and emPowered, with engaging play stations and artistry much like the textbooks are a great place to go visit as your child’s science class learns about animal habitats, the food chain, energy and sustainability, and earth’s minerals and materials. Exploring the e is an engaging and seamless adventure through the different chapters of the science textbook. I came out understanding more about different topics and had fun using the cool technology that makes the exhibit modern and integrated, and fun and hands-on!

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